All wildlife Photography fot this website is done at Hotel Galapagos

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There are many hotels in the Galapagos Islands. HOTEL GALAPAGOS is the original.

Now with our Scuba Iguana diving service, we are a PADI RESORT.

Since 1961 Hotel Galapagos welcomes you to comfort in the wilderness. We have fourteen rooms on the ocean shore in five acres (20,000 mts.) of natural gardens, your personal wildlife park with varied habitats from cactus to mangrove, like a private nature preserve on the shore of Academy Bay. Hotel Galapagos is renowned for reliable services, delicious home style meals, and friendly attention in a relaxed ambience.

All wildlife photography for this website is done at Hotel Galapagos.

We are near the Charles Darwin Research Station, with its displays, library, land iguana project, and giant tortoisebreeding center.


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Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos,
Ecuador South America
593 - 5 - 252 6330  (FAX also)
593 - 5 - 252 6296

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