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HGD1: Day Boat Trip To Nearby Islands. Naturalist Guide and lunch included. Every island is unique, for the varied geology, animals, plants, and climate.

HGD2: Champagne Breakfast at Tortuga Bay. Walk with the Naturalist Guide 2 miles on a paved trail through the coastal forest, amidst lava formations and Darwin's finches. A deluxe hot breakfast waits under shade trees at the beach. White tablecloth and flowers, every delightful detail. Return to port on the boat; stop to snorkel on the way back.

HGD3. Eden's Beach. Isolated beaches, exclusive access, far from itineraries and tour groups. Cold drinks and box lunch, a sunshade tarp and other comforts, snorkeling and undisturbed hours with the amazing wildlife. Your barefoot idyll in Paradise.

HGD4. Surfers' Special. Fast boat with a local surfer guide to the best break. Daily update of internet wave info.

HGD5: Kayaking. The active explorer's way to approach shoreline and mangrove wildlife silently and close up. You could glide over a spotted ray, a placid white-tip reef shark, or sea turtles. Sea birds are common everywhere in Galapagos waters.


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Some of these tours require advance notice. Please contact us to guarantee price and availability. We also offer many other activities customized to your interests: birding, mountain bikes, camping, and more.

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