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Visit the cloud forest, endemic scalesia trees and the vermilion flycatcher, perhaps the owl or the Galapagos rail. See giant tortoises placidly graze the lush vegetation. Descend the lava tunnels, formed long ago by rivers of molten lava. Enjoy a hearty lunch at a country restaurant with a vista of tree ferns and the sea beyond.

HT1. Tortoises and Lava Tunnel:
Find giant tortoises in the National Park Tortoise Reserve and descend in lava tunnels with lighting and footpaths. Includes hired car and Naturalist Guide.

HT2. Scalesia Cloud Forest:
The endemic scalesia tree forest is at the misty top of the island, home to unique bird life. It surrounds two giant pit craters. Includes transportation and Naturalist Guide.

HT3. The Highlands Complete:
Combines HT1 and HT2.

HT4. Lunch at one of several country restaurants can combine with any of the Highlands Tours.

HT5. Horseback Excursion A leisurely amble among big trees and the green hills opens your vista from the vantage of horseback. Ideal for birding and tortoise watching.


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