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DAILY DIVING WITH SCUBA IGUANA DIVERS. Quite simply, Galapagos is rated as the world's best diving. Scuba Iguana & Hotel Galapagos is a certified PADI RESORT:

SD1: Scuba Iguana SCUBA diving. Includes two tank dives, all equipment, divemaster, lunch, and a hot shower. Certified divers only.


SD2: Discovery Dive. For the complete beginner, this is your introduction into the undersea SCUBA world. The dive instructor gives you individual instruction and accompanies you personally on the dive.

SD3: SCUBA diver certification. Our resident Dive Instructor teaches the theory, the techniques, the safety procedures, and the practice of modern SCUBA. Includes course materials, books, instruction lectures and classes, and practical diving experience.



SD4: Snorkeling Galapagos is like the SCUBA diving, famous for close contact with diverse marine life. Schooling fish, sea turtles, sea lions, and much more.

SD5: Skin Diver Certification. Breath-hold "skin-diver" techniques, taught by our Dive Master or Dive Instructor. Learn to reach moderate depths and feel confident underwater.


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Some of these tours require advance notice. Please contact us to guarantee price and availability. We also offer many other activities customized to your interests: birding, mountain bikes, camping, and more.

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